About Econet Wireless

In order to change the customers world, Econet Wireless has taken a holistic approach to the successful provision of world class telecommunication services. We have expanded our operations to encompass all aspects of the provision of telecommunications services, and in addition to cellular services, Econet Wireless is now established in the core areas of internet, fixed wireless, fibre cable, satellite transmission, transaction processing services, mobile assurance and money transfer.

The focus is now more on positive transformation of our customers lives and the communities in which we operate, hence our current corporate positioning which is summarized in our slogan“Inspired To Change Your World”.



Key Positioning Elements

 Communicates the willingness, inner drive, motivation and commitment that the company has in providing “Total Communication Solutions” to both our existing and potential customers, as well as the community at large. We seek to delight our customers and inspiration is key to this whole process.

Change: Communicates the positive impact and transformation that the company’s presence and innovation has on people’s lives. Econet Wireless' service experience transforms lives and lifestyles, situations, systems and the way of doing business. In addition to offering ”Total Communication Solutions”, the company engages in community activities that seek to improve the lives of the under-privileged of the society.

Your: Communicates the personal touch the company provides to the customer. The company recognizes each customer as an individual and not a statistic. We do not focus on groups but on you as an individual. Whatever your circumstances are, Econet Wireless will bring about a positive change to your life.

World: Communicates the global presence. No matter where you are, foreign country, urban areas, semi-urban areas or rural areas, Econet Wireless has a communication solution to suit your needs and through its activities will touch your life in one way or another.

Why we are different
  • We have a burning passion to make a difference in the communities which we serve.
  • All this combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, leads us to believe strongly that “What Can Be Done Should Be Done And What Can’t Be Done... Must Be Done.”
  • The summary of our promise to our staff, customers, shareholders and all stakeholders, based on our vision, mission and values is that…..”We are inspired to change your world!”
  Econet Wireless is a company committed to finding the best way forward in a fast moving and highly competitive technological field. To remain at the top, we shall relentlessly pursue innovative solutions, and constantly grow our knowledge base with uncompromising passion for excellence.
Mission, Vision and Values
  Mission: To serve by pioneering, developing and sustaining reliable, efficient and high quality telecommunications of uncompromising world                class standards and ethics.

  Vision:    To provide international standard telecommunication services to all the peoples of the world.

  Values:  Pioneering, Professional, Personal and Ethical.