Econet Development Foundation

The Econet Development Foundation has invested in the following areas:

  • Education for orphans and the under privileged children
  • Entrepreneurial development
  • Environmental protection
  • Business Leadership
  • Agricultural Development
  • HIV and Aids
  • eHealth

All programs are run at the sole discretion of the Group Chairman Mr. Strive Masiyiwa.

Education for the orphans
Capernaum Trust Capernaum Trust caters for the educational, health, nutritional and psycho-social well being of orphaned children in Africa. Once the orphaned children are on the Capernaum Trust program they are known as History Makers. Founded on a vision to raise “History Makers with a leadership mind-set for global impact”, Capernaum Trust presently supports over 40 000 History Makers.
Entrepreneurial Development


Our Entrepreneurship development model seeks to create a new generation of entrepreneurs who are innovative, strategic and committed to the restoration and development of Africa. Consequently, these new ‘Entrepreneurial Beneficiaries’ will create businesses that will become the engine that drives the economy, increasing productivity in industries such as IT, Engineering, Agriculture; resulting in wealth creation, generation of employment and economic development and growth and thus as a whole, improve the standard of living in Africa.  
Environmental Protection

As part of our ongoing response to environmental and sustainability issues we started looking for a solution from the traditional suppliers of energy and we concluded that the solution was in the natural resources that are readily available. Econet Energy was launched during 2010 and 2011 as a representation of our commitment to take leadership in encouraging the use of renewable and eco-friendly energies, securing a sustainable future for business and our environment. As a proactive response to environmental issues and we have started installing ‘green’ base stations.

In addition to powering the core network infrastructure, we are also distributing solar chargers, solar lanterns, solar powered mobile handsets, solar panels, and will assist in the ongoing changeover to solar powered traffic lights nationally.

Business Leadership

As one of a small, but rapidly growing number of global companies from Africa, Econet Wireless is at the forefront of ensuring that the voice of African business is heard at major international gatherings.

The company not only participates in such events, but has also actively sponsored, hosted, and supported meetings and dialogues, to promote better understanding concerning African economic issues, as well as social development issues, health and the environment.

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Agricultural Development

Agriculture is a crucial economic activity, providing employment and livelihood for many and serving as the basis for many industries in African countries. Our current strategic plan and structure is to target Agricultural Development as an entrepreneurial arm that is expected to provide beneficiaries with a platform to be productive in the agricultural domain.

Making this dream a reality, through Capernaum Trust we have conducted research on Agricultural Education and Farmer Training in colleges that offer the skills. The aim is to finance the studies of History Makers to attend Agricultural Colleges periodically over the next few years and in turn facilitate the History Makers in setting up viable agricultural initiatives and agricultural training program.

An improvement in agricultural skills and infrastructure is likely to have a social and economic ripple effect. Empowering individuals through sustainable agricultural skills has a direct effect on food security, nutrition, and income levels, enabling rural men and women to overcome poverty. By offering new opportunities through Agricultural Development we envision sustainable initiatives that will be applied across Africa and that will eventually lead to the development of African communities.




Econet is aware of the devastation HIV/AIDS has inflicted on families around the world, and stresses the importance of supporting the bread winner, struggling with HIV/AIDS. We provide anti-retroviral drugs to infected employees and other members of their immediate family. Through the Live 2 Love Program, the Group continues to encourage open dialogue among staff on HIV/AIDS.


e Health Centres

e Health Centres are providing a solution that connects doctors to their patients in remote locations via nurses, thus lowering the cost of consultation and transportation. This project is currently in pilot phase.

Econet Vaccine Storage Centres


In many developing countries, rural communities bear the brunt of their nations’ limited infrastructure and the prevalence of the top 5 Child Killer diseases namely Measles, Polio, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and Tetanus. The lack of efficient power supply is a key hurdle to efforts to provide efficient primary healthcare to marginalised communities.

In Africa, temperatures often soar above 30 degrees Celsius, well above the cold chain range of between two and eight degrees, the optimum temperature at which vaccines and other medicines should be kept to remain effective. Anything higher than that denatures the medicines and renders them useless, or even harmful. 

With most rural hospitals facing frequent power outages, maintaining the cold chain is a real challenge. As a result, many young lives hang by a thread. However, thanks to the efforts of a global telecommunications company Econet Wireless, the future looks much brighter for these communities.

Having realised that their Base Station infrastructure generates excess power, Econet Wireless is turning this into an opportunity to empower the communities they serves. Through the “Energize the Chain” initiative, Econet Wireless donates hi-tech vaccine refrigeration units to rural hospitals.

These Vaccine refrigerated units are specially designed for vaccine storage as they have a 10 day holdover period in which they can maintain the low temperatures even if there is no source of power, saving the Ministry of Health movements in collecting vaccines from central stores when electricity is not available.

In the event of power outage, the base station’s backup generator produces excess power, which is harnessed and used to maintain the cold chain.  The refrigeration units are powered by this excess energy even in the event that the generator or back up batteries power runs out. The refrigerated unit can go up to 10 days without any form of power, while still maintaining the required temperatures.

Econet Wireless provides the technology to monitor the units via the internet, and provides formal training to hospital staff enabling them to use the equipment for the full benefit of their communities.

Through the “Energize the Chain” initiative, Econet Wireless is empowering communities to combat the top 5 child killer diseases namely Measles, Polio, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and Tetanus, thereby helping to secure Africa’s future generations.

To this end, Econet Wireless has and continues to deploy Base Stations in most rural communities, as fulfillment of its mandate to provide telecommunications to the people of the countries that it serves.



This is a real life story inspired by the fishing communities, whose lives have been transformed from mere small informal fishing trade to small to medium businesses.

Fishing is the livelihood of most communities located at the banks of major rivers such as the Zambezi River. This trade is passed from generation to generation. Previously, fishing activities in these areas were predominantly small scale and mostly meant for family consumption. As a result of the remoteness of these areas, the selling of fresh fish was almost impossible. The Fishermen were restricted only to marketing dry fish, a trade that generated very low income for them.

The advent of mobile technologies from Econet Wireless has seen growth in this trade such that the new generations of Fishermen are now finding the job a lot easier. The Fisherman are now using Econet’s cocktail of technologies mainly:


Lantern  – for charging the phones and providing light at night during a fishing expedition.

Phone –   for communication between buyers and sellers.

EcoCash – for receiving payments from buyers for the catch in hand and then later to transact in every form as they fend for their families.

Econet Wireless’s products and services have changed fishing as it was once known. By developing innovative solutions and providing connectivity even to the remotest areas, Econet Wireless is transforming lives and contributing to the wellbeing of communities.



The Econet Green Kiosk Initiative is an environmentally friendly and resource efficient approach to business that champions employment creation, social upliftment and empowerment of ordinary people.

Due to the high rate of unemployment in African countries, many people have turned to the informal sector for economic and financial solutions. In realization of this fact, Econet has come in to bolster these people and their business models by providing compact, user friendly and resource efficient Green Kiosk units. Whilst permitting Green kiosk holders to continue their chosen line of trade, Econet provides them with inventory in the form of airtime, solar gadgets and trains individuals on the proper use of the unit, products and also the EcoCash mobile banking facility.



Harnessing a renewable resource, its specially designed features powered by solar energy provide green power which is channeled to fitted phone charging units, which allow kiosk owners to provide free phone charging to their communities during power cuts. This ensures that the community remains connected and is an effective solution to the power problems plaguing Africa.

The Green Kiosk is not an intrusive structure, so little or no damage is done to existing infrastructure. All efforts are made to ensure that the location of these kiosks is compliant with local authorities and or existing areas where trade takes place.

Econet is thus providing a sustainable, eco-friendly platform to do business for the benefit of local communities.