Market Day: What have you been up to?

I have given a lot of business advice over the last few years, and I really want to know what you have all been up to. Have you taken the plunge and set up a business or a not-for-profit social enterprise? Yes! Where are you now?

Even if you already had a business, and I said something that might have been helpful, give me some feedback. Why don’t we try this: For the next few days, I’m going to promote what you do on this Facebook page. No adverts, just give me a few lines and a website.

I will only look at websites, and other social media addresses. If you don’t have presence on the Internet, I will not read it (for now), until you do! This is because I have urged you to have a website, even if you’re running a tuck-shop, or a stand in the market. Be proud of what you do (unless it’s criminal, which case you should stop).

# Let the world see your business, even as it develops.

Let me give you an example of your format:

“My name is Strive Masiyiwa. My highly entrepreneurial staff and I recently set up a new pan-African television network called Kwesé TV, broadcasting over 60x channels to over 40 African countries. Our content can be viewed with a satellite decoder or mobile smartphone. Our websites are: Kwese.Com, KweseSports.Com,, and we have a Kwesé App. Follow us also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

Now you try. Keep it short and precise. This post will probably reach 10m people, so let’s see if you get some useful exposure and business from it.

Remember: I need you to succeed. Your success is my success, and our success is Africa’s success, so I need to push you to be practical.

“You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going,” said entrepreneurial filmmaker George Lucas, best known for his multibillion dollar Star Wars films, first launched in 1977.

Now many of you know this epic producer-writer-director has lots of creative film ideas… but did you know he also had the business savvy and vision, early in his career, to insist on retaining rights to Star Wars merchandising and sequels, which later earned billions?

Maybe with your own business ideas, you’re a bit like George. The story goes that when first writing Star Wars, he thought it “too wacky for the general public.”

But what did he do? He “put blinders on and plowed right ahead…” (to winning seven of 11 Star Wars Academy Award nominations in 1978!)

What about you? Let’s go!


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About Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Econet, a diversified global telecommunications group with operations and investments in over 15 countries. His business interests also include renewable energy, financial services, media and hospitality. Masiyiwa serves on a number of international boards, including Unilever, Rockefeller Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations’ Global Advisory Board, the Africa Progress Panel, the UN Secretary General's Advisory Board for Sustainable Energy, Morehouse College, Hilton Foundation's Humanitarian Prize Jury and the Kenjin-Tatsujin International Advisory Council. He is one of the founders, with Sir Richard Branson, of the global think tank, the Carbon War Room, and a founding member of the Global Business Coalition on Education. Masiyiwa took over the Chairmanship of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) from Kofi Annan. He is also Chair of the Micronutrient Initiative, a global organization focused on ending child hunger and improving nutrition. In 2012, Masiyiwa was invited by President Obama to address leaders at the Camp David G-8 Summit on how to increase food production and end hunger in parts of Africa. In 2014, Masiyiwa was selected to Fortune Magazine’s list of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”. As a philanthropist, he is a member of the Giving Pledge, and his contributions to education, health and development have been widely recognized. Masiyiwa and his wife finance the Higher Life Foundation, which provides scholarships to over 42,000 African orphans. In 2015, he was the recipient of the International Rescue Committee’s Freedom Award and was presented with a UN Foundation Global Leadership Award for the work of the Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust, which he chairs and helped establish to fund the deployment of African healthcare workers to combat the outbreak in West Africa.

22 thoughts on “Market Day: What have you been up to?

  1. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Afterthought 1.
    Every African entrepreneur (including social entrepreneurs) must have a website. I absolutely insist on this. If you cannot afford one for your business, sell your shoes! (Africa has the lowest number of businesses with websites in the world. We must change that!)

  2. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Afterthought 2.
    The continental African economy right now has a GDP of $2.8Tn, and a population of 1.2bn. Our economy is bigger than India’s, and more than twice that of Russia’s. Chin up and walk straight; who said you are a nobody?! # It is time to think differently about who we are, and what we can accomplish.

  3. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Kimani writes,

    My name is Kimani Patrick. In 2016, I was a third year student in college. I realised that my prospects of getting a job after graduation were very minimal.

    With this knowledge, I founded a digital business magazine called Inversk to help young people learn exactly how they can start and build a successful business. This is with the aim to help solve the unemployment problem in my country Kenya and Africa. Our content can be read by anyone with access to internet from anywhere in the world through our website

    You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @InverskMag.

    Our mobile app is coming soon.

    My reply,
    You fill me with such pride.
    Well done.

  4. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Keep them coming!
    I’m enjoying reading every one of your comments. I’m determined to go through each one, even if I get 100,000! I have already visited some really exciting websites.
    You will be amazed who else is reading what you are posting. Don’t miss this opportunity, and don’t go off topic. Stay focused. Make sure you read and like what others have written. Make notes as you read, and apply the good lessons from your peers.

  5. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Precious writes,

    “Aussie Books For Zim” is a charity that collects gently used books from Australia and sets up libraries in RURAL schools in Zimbabwe. We are in partnership with Australian University of Wollongong, and are developing learning programs to be implemented in rural zimbabwe. Also linking rural schools with Australian schools /communities so they can learn about our beautiful african culture & way of life. Our 1st container with 30,000books &stationary was just released last week in zimbabwe and will equip 6 rural libraries.

    My reply,
    God bless you.

  6. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Nelly writes,

    M. Strive Masiyiwa I left France and my work to follow my husband to Kenya in Sept 2014. Yet I discovered what artisans (in Kenya) can do. I create a groupe of artisans that I try to promote outside. Now we are selling in France and Europe. Here is our online Shop
    I built à fbk page: Coco Style’s Crafts.

    Now I have other project for Cameroun, my parent’s country. I really want to invest there.

    Thank you for all your advices.

    My reply,
    You are amazing. Very proud of what you have done. This is going to be very big one day. I just know it.

    Wait till my daughters see your shoes!
    I visited your website and Online Store:
    I hope others look at your site.
    I’m also building an Online Store for Kwese Tv decoders. I’m going to get my team to study your store to get some tips!
    I will talk about the power of Online Stores in my next post.

  7. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Read Tatenda Mugara’s comment. It’s a bit long for me to reproduce, but it is worth every word!

    Well done Tatenda. Every serious entrepreneur should read your story, and to imagine you are only 22 years old! You are the next Jeff Bezos (who will soon take over from Bill Gates as the world’s wealthiest man). I know that in my own life time an African will have that crown, and it will be someone reading and participating in this forum, perhaps it will be you!

  8. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Chinonso’s comment is very good. Their company Stemme Baby Care manufactures Baby beds. Absolutely fantastic.
    Africa’s population will reach over 4bn by the turn of this century. What a market for you!

  9. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Muragwa writes,

    With my friend have founded Root Foundation( a non profit NGO for bringing children and youth from street to school) through our center, we offer personal development trainings, we offer talent detection and development programs and we also have a scholarship program. We have created a big platform for local and international volunteers to be part of this cause and are based in Kigali now. But since when I started following you, I became more interested into leadership and transforming my community. Please visit our website as well…

    My reply,
    Well done. This is a great initiative.
    I’m touched by what you are doing. Keep me in touch from time to time. Who knows I might visit you on one of my visits to Kigali.

  10. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Kelechi writes,

    Hello, Sir dispute resolution and s
    Access to legal knowledge is either overpriced or inaccessible, so built a platform that uses alternative dispute resolution techniques to settle the problems of its clients and has a quick response ask a lawyer portal that answers all questions relating to law. We are live in Nigeria for now and plan to expand outside the shores of Nigeria.

    My reply,
    You are onto something really important. You have my full support.
    Keep it up.

  11. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Paul Samba writes,

    Sir. Strive Masiyiwa.Thanks a bunch for all what you have been doing.I am an independent filmmaker from Cameroon.I’m just from producing an Epic movie based on polygamy,titled “REBEL PILGRIM”.Please an advice on how to go about the marketing of this movie will be of great help.We are still working on our website but we have a Facebook page#Rebel Pilgrim.Thanks,best regards.

    My reply,
    I’m sure the Kwese original productions team will want to see it. They will see this note, because they also follow this platform. I look forward to seeing it (provided of course that you are not promoting polygamy!)….

  12. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Mbugua James,

    My name is James Mbugua. Together with a few friends we started a foundation Bridge The GAP Foundation in 2012. We meaningfully mentor students and finance those who cannot afford to be in school.
    We’re making Education possible in Africa.
    Find us at

    As Dr. Strive says, you may not be able to do everything, but you can always do something​.

    My reply,
    THANK YOU!!!
    What more can I say?
    Keep it up.
    God bless you and all your colleagues.

  13. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Chuks writes,

    My name is Chuks Umezulora, C.O.O Auxano Solar Nig Ltd.
    We are a startup Solar Company; we are into sales, installation and maintenance of solar systems.
    We observed over the years many solar installations fail in Nigeria because of substandard components so in 2016 we started Solar Panel Assembling Plant in Lagos, the first privately owned Solar Assembling Plant in Nigeria supplying high quality solar panels.
    This is our story:

    Our website is
    Facebook: @auxanoenergy
    Twitter: @auxano_solar
    Linkedin: @auxanosolar

    Thanks a lot Dr Strive for been a shining example to us. We love and appreciate you greatly Sir.

    My reply,
    Excellent. Well done.
    I would love to feature this on Kwese Tv.
    Many of you guys are going to be stars of Kwese Inc!

  14. Strive Masiyiwa Post author


    Please how can i achieve this website stuff pls, im using a small phone can’t afford a real phone now. My business is still an infant business. Im in Nasarawa state of Nigeria, im into organic product, like soap made of pure fruits, milk and egg, children bath soap made from pure herb to treat skin infections. Massage essential oils etc. Pls i need help to move forward pls.

    My reply,
    Come on guys (smart ladies in particular), please help Becky!
    She needs a cool website.
    Our army of friends are going to help you. Let me know in a month how you are doing.
    I have never been to Nasarawa State in Nigeria; is it nice?
    Do we have other friends in Nasarawa who can help Becky with this challenge? Need some volunteers.

    Don’t anyone cheat her now, otherwise I will be very upset!

    • David Kamugundu

      Dear Dr. Strive,
      My name is David Kamugundu. I run a public health consulting business in Rwanda. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and ICTs. During my past employment, I realized lots of gaps in healthcare decentralization relate health governance at the district: oversight, effective planning, accountability, communication between district to the central level. We developed a web-based application for use by both the central and district leaders to improve health governance: Please check out our page on: I can only share the page. I hope it gives readers a sense of where we are headed. We launched demos last week and feedback is exciting.
      God Bless You!

  15. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Wawira Njiru writes,

    Thank you for this platform

    My name is Wawira Njiru and I am the founder of Food for Education an organisation that provides heavily subsidised meals to vulnerable school children to improve education outcomes. We cover the cost of subsidies through the Double Portion Restaurant who’s profits provide much needed meals to hundreds of students a day.
    We have provided over 50,000 meals to date that have led to improved school attendance, performance and nutrition status.

    Our website:

    My reply,
    This is just amazing!
    You are actually doing this?
    You are dealing with one of the greatest threats to Africa’s future: stunting.
    I want to find a way to further highlight your work. Maybe we can have you make a short video that we can show on Kwese TV.

  16. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    How to become a dealer for Kwese Tv:

    The long awaited platform for entrepreneurs to become Kwese TV dealers has now gone live. All you have to do is to go to Kwese.Com, and navigate your way starting at “Get Kwese” until you get to “BECOME A DEALER”.
    You can become a dealer in 13 x countries already. As long as we have a license in your country, you can be a dealer.
    Please don’t bring any operational issues here once you are a dealer. I won’t be able to help.

  17. Lawrence Okello

    “Every decent business must have a website”, This is a statement that you have repetitively made on your articles ever since I started reading them, Africa is disadvantaged in this case because our people can’t easily afford the few hundred dollars that most Web Solutions businesses ask for in order to fully put up a website for them. So in June 30th 2016, I set up my first business(which is online) in attempt to close this gap (being inspired by your continuous statement quoted above). I intentionally decided to price my products such it can cost just less than $50 overall price for someone to fully register a website domain for one year, hosting for one year and design. The website is, it is working and Thanks sir. for the inspiration, may GOD bless you more. I am Lawrence Okello from UGANDA.

  18. Abayomi Ogunro

    My name is Abayomi Ogunro, I developed an up-start Group of companies(first in 2010 after a serendipity business opportunity while still an employee and focused fully on the business after losing my multinational job in 2015) through coalescing my strengths in strategic business management, understanding the innate strengths of companies and leveraging of these strength to drive the Group toward consistent revenue generation in ICT/Technologies, Fire Safety Solutions, Sourcing/Procurement and Auto-Rentals.
    I created an Auto-Rental outfit from about 4 cars that i have to start a new Line of Business in provision of Executive level car leasing/contractual services to multinational firms in ensuring the best fit vehicles to official meeting and engagements.
    With the tough economic situation, the Exco-Rental business has been rested for now(to be repackaged later and re-launched into the market).
    Our website is

  19. Tichaona

    Name:Tichaona Tichiwangani, Founder Of Seo Expect Company Specialises In Search Engine Optimization, Website Design & Delevopment. Follow Us On Twitter: @seoexpect & Gmail:seoexpect


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