Reflection: Always count your blessings.

When my business was still very small, I once found myself facing a crushing cash flow crisis. My biggest concern was finding money to meet the payroll, and this one month, it just seemed impossible.

Being a believer, I prayed every day for a miracle as the deadline drew closer. One morning, it came into my spirit to approach a very wealthy businessman whom I knew was also a man of faith, and would hopefully appreciate my situation. I went to his office, and said to him boldly that I believed God wanted him to help me. To my shock and disappointment, he turned me down flat.

I left his office and continued to try and get the money. Eventually an old friend of mine who ran a bank called me out of the blue and helped me out with a small loan. He didn’t even ask me for a guarantee, which surprised me. This same banker friend continued to extend to me little loans whenever I was in trouble, and he never asked for a guarantee of any kind.

Many, many years later, when I was much more successful, the banker friend of mine disclosed to me something very shocking:

The wealthy businessman whom I’d gone to see that morning called him after I left his office and told him to extend to me the loans, and not to tell me that he was the one who had assisted me by giving the guarantees.

I learnt two lessons from that experience:

# There is so much that can be accomplished in life, when people don’t look for credit.

# Always count your blessings, because they are always there.

Just imagine if I’d railed against that guy as being greedy and selfish, simply because he didn’t see things my way, or help in the manner I considered best. Perhaps he would have heard about it, and withdrawn his support. I would often bump into him and when he enquired about my progress, I would cheerfully proclaim my hope that things were going to be just fine, and he would always say, “God is great, hang in there!”

During the dark days of Apartheid, someone asked Archbishop Desmond Tutu how he managed always to be so optimistic that it would end one day soon. He replied by saying, “It is because I’m a prisoner of hope.”

A few weeks ago I offered iPads to two people who gave the first correct answers to my question about the news and sports channels currently on the App.

__Congratulations to Michael Asante and Alan Branson. I will be sending you both an iPad for Christmas. These are the answers I was looking for:

10 sports channels:

# Kwesé Free Sports

‪# Kwesé Sports 1

‪# Kwesé Sports 2


‪# NBA TV (Bandwidth saver)

‪# EFC 56

‪# ESL

‪# Arsenal Media

‪# Spurs TV


7 news channels:

‪# Al Jazeera

‪# France 24 English

‪# Bloomberg

‪# TVC news

‪# KTN news

‪# Africa News

‪# BBC

The events (live matches) are not channels.

Stay tuned for much, much more! This week, I will give an iPad to someone who gives me the list of six African countries where the Kwesé Free Sports Channel (KFS) broadcasts as a 24-hour channel.

Meanwhile, I’ve delayed my special announcement until January. This one will blow you away… Don’t try and speculate on what it might be; you’ll just end up feeding the fake news hucksters. Just wait for it, and be prepared.

Merry CHRISTmas.

“He is the reason for the season.”


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About Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Econet, a diversified global telecommunications group with operations and investments in over 15 countries. His business interests also include renewable energy, financial services, media and hospitality. Masiyiwa serves on a number of international boards, including Unilever, Rockefeller Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations’ Global Advisory Board, the Africa Progress Panel, the UN Secretary General's Advisory Board for Sustainable Energy, Morehouse College, Hilton Foundation's Humanitarian Prize Jury and the Kenjin-Tatsujin International Advisory Council. He is one of the founders, with Sir Richard Branson, of the global think tank, the Carbon War Room, and a founding member of the Global Business Coalition on Education. Masiyiwa took over the Chairmanship of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) from Kofi Annan. He is also Chair of the Micronutrient Initiative, a global organization focused on ending child hunger and improving nutrition. In 2012, Masiyiwa was invited by President Obama to address leaders at the Camp David G-8 Summit on how to increase food production and end hunger in parts of Africa. In 2014, Masiyiwa was selected to Fortune Magazine’s list of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”. As a philanthropist, he is a member of the Giving Pledge, and his contributions to education, health and development have been widely recognized. Masiyiwa and his wife finance the Higher Life Foundation, which provides scholarships to over 42,000 African orphans. In 2015, he was the recipient of the International Rescue Committee’s Freedom Award and was presented with a UN Foundation Global Leadership Award for the work of the Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust, which he chairs and helped establish to fund the deployment of African healthcare workers to combat the outbreak in West Africa.

24 thoughts on “Reflection: Always count your blessings.

  1. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Afterthought 1.

    “Only in the darkness can you see the stars,” said Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. If you’re going through a tough time right now, never lose heart. I pray the New Year will be a better one for you.

  2. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Afterthought 2.

    “But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

  3. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Afterthought 3.

    At the beginning of 2016, I sensed that it was going to be a really tough year in many African economies. I knew this from the data I was studying from many of these countries, as well as the global tail winds. If you study most of my posts during this past year, most of them were designed to give practical steps you can take to reposition your career and family, as well as your business (if you’re an entrepreneur).

    I put in a lot of prayer and reflection before I write to you, so I can only urge that you go back and read “meditatively” what I wrote, because you’re going to be examined on your knowledge, but not by me. When all is said and done, and you feel weary, remember “hope, faith and love abide,” which means they never, ever fail; you can only fail them. Bring out the Eagle in you, that you might hunt in the storms.

  4. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    AK Kipkip,

    What Bible Translation this comes from, I love the power of the words utilized “Trust steadily, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly” very powerful and impactful!..Merry Christmas Sir Strive.

    My reply,
    Good question!
    I took it from the Message Bible Translation:
    “…Trust steadily, hope unswervingly, LOVE EXTRAVAGANTLY..”
    I love it!
    [I always start my bible study with The King James Translation. I then start to look at other translations to see what further insights I can get of exactly the same passage. It is amazing what you learn.

    Look how “extravagantly” God loves us. In John 3:16, it does not say “God loved us “, He SO loved us”. Try this same passage in the Amplified!

    Let’s be “extravagant in our love of others, this coming year!”

  5. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Perseverance, writes:

    Kenya , Rwanda , Malawi , Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania this is your answer. By the way with your inspiring ways i think you are the one who coined “Inspired to change your world”. .I need to write a book about you Sir. Thank you for changing my world.

    My reply,
    What a lovely thing to say. I appreciate it.
    I’m giving away an expensive iPad, which means there is something in my question which is tricky, and not easy to pick up (clue). You are going to have to do a bit more research, but you have upto next Friday. The winner last week was not the person who rushed to answer….
    With “extravangant love”…merry CHRISTx.

  6. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Joel, writes,

    Your words are like an oasis in the wilderness Sir, to a thirsty Shepherd boy….keep writing keep advising, keep mentoring….and by the way where can I get your books?

    My reply,
    Thank you for your kind remarks.
    As for the books from me, “this is a book”!
    It is not the way it is bound that makes it a book, but the substance of what is communicated. In the time of Moses a “book” was something on a stone tablet; in the time of Paul the Apostle it was some scrolls; it was the German Priest Luther who created the modern book in its bound format. And now that too will disappear.
    If I had simply written a book, I would not have reached the Millennials who consume everything in digital format. You can bind what I have said into a book for yourself, if you like. I know lots of people who have done it.
    Merry CHRISTx

  7. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Kwese Free Sports Channel now live in Nigeria!

    I would like to congratulate our technical teams working in Nigeria for managing to get the Kwese Free Sports 24 hr sports channel up in Lagos and Abuja, before Christmas. The channel is now live (analogue in Lagos), and Abuja (DTT). Roll out will continue throughout Nigeria, over the next few weeks and months.
    I would also like to thank the Nigerian government and regulators for granting us all the necessary approvals. We have also been granted approvals to launch Kwese Tv. I will be making further announcements on this during January.
    Meanwhile for all our friends in Lagos and Abuja, please look for the station–remember it is completely free! There is even a live ManU game next week!
    The technical teams in Botswana are still battling to complete their tests; hopefully it will be up in a few days. __Come on guys, you can do it!

  8. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Abubakar, writes,

    Hello Dr Strive Masiyiwa, I am into post-consumer Plastics waste recycling in North East Nigeria,thou my company is relatively small but I have 3 staffs on my payroll,I have also engaged a lot of youths that picks these materials on the street which I buy per Kg which would at least make them self dependent and busy for someone to brain wash them into becoming nuisance in the society especially here in the North East where Boko Haram still exist,secondly these waste are non biodegradable and are either burnt or buried here,in a way we are saving the environment.My business has a lot of potentials here in Nigeria because of our current exchange rate as you know we largely import Virgin Plastic Materials,for now there is a very high demand for recycled materials,I started the company August 2014 when I was 27 years old but I was only able to break even last month,as you know a lots of mistakes will be done but I endured,that is my little story Sir.

    My reply,
    This is a very laudable effort, and I commend your motives. Please make sure that you also invest in gloves and masks for the young people who collect the plastics, and also warn them about materials that are dangerous.
    Creating jobs, is the key to defeating groups like Boko Haram. I have been urging your government at every opportunity to help entrepreneurs like yourself to set up businesses in North Eastern Nigeria. I will use you as an example next time I see your President, and his ministers.
    Well done!

  9. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Obadeyi, writes:

    I heard more about you in early 2015.
    Since then, I have always tried my best to learn from you and your post.
    Sadly, I was interning when you came to Mauritius.
    Would have loved to learn at your feet.
    No knowledge is wasted however.
    The willingness to keep learning will drive us into greater hieghts to make Africa greater.

    My reply,
    Throughout the year, I visit so many African countries, including Mauritius, where I go several times a year. Normally, I’m in and out without anyone really noticing, because I come for specific business. Sometimes my visits are for public events, like the one I did in Mauritius a few months ago, but that is quite rare.
    My team are looking at ways to engage some of you who have been on this platform, during my visits. Who knows you might get a call one day, and we can do lunch. We just have to wait and see how it works out, because the challenges are quite immense.
    Merry CHRISTx.

  10. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    #Not interested in politics, not in the past, not now, and not in the future.
    Announcement will be on something to do with entrepreneurship support for my followers on this Facebook page. Ignore “fake news hucksters”.

  11. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Susan, writes:

    Congrats sir.Iam sure in the next few years you will roll it in South Africa.Àll the best!

    My reply,
    Thanks Susan.
    Although SA does not yet have a Kwese Free Sports Channel, it is still possible to watch other Kwese channels using your Kwese App. You can watch most of our programming from EVERY African country, using the App. Try it.

  12. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    The answer to my question about which 6 countries had a 24 hr Kwese Free Sports Channel is as follows:
    Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria.
    There is another 14 countries where the channel is available for a limited number of hours per day.
    We are expecting to add Botswana, Tanzania, and Zambia into the 24 hr category next. If you are from any of the those countries let me know when you first see it on your TV set.

    My small panel of judges reviewed all the replies, and adjudged that I should give the award to the following 3x people:
    Lydd Gatere, George Kariuki, and Lyton Chandomba.
    Thank you all for participating.
    Well done. Merry CHRISTmas.
    There will only be two winners for my next big contest. It will be the Prize of the year, and much tougher. Download the App, and polish up on my previous posts, if you want to stand a chance to win it.

  13. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Sharrydon Bright,

    Hello sir. I also got the same answer before your response, maybe I was a bit late!!! Following closely for the next challenge now!!!

    My reply,
    A lot of people got the answer right, but the panel of judges (who include engineers) looked at the exact times the correct responses were made.
    In the next contest make sure you move quickly, because I will only allow two people to get it (one must be a woman).
    Again our panel will look at the times (recorded by our computers) of the first correct response.

  14. Strive Masiyiwa Post author

    Kimoita, writes:

    But sir that is the same answer I had given on Friday at 07:34 am. Or what was the criteria for selecting the winners? I thought I was going to be one of the winners! KINDLY check my answer on 23 December at 07:34am (unedited). I have been looking forward to this.

    My reply,
    The correct answer was first recorded at 4:51pm 22nd December.
    I used my discretion to give two more iPads for answers that came in 24 minutes later, at exactly 5:15pm–in the spirit of Christmas!
    Lots and lots of people got the right answer but, it was a question of time.
    Let’s congratulate those who got my iPads again and focus on the next one.

  15. Vivian

    Mr Strive Masiyiwa,
    We bless our king Jesus for people like you who are willing to support and encourage the upcoming future leaders.i am a worshipper of our King and serve in our local church, currently studying Bach of counseling.Mum,My hubby and I are starting a fashion business.Hubby and I follow you and look up to you.It’s our dream to serve humanity through Worship, business and entrepreneurship.Thank you for being an inspiration sir.Your blog is very useful to us.Please keep up the good work.
    May God continue to keep and Bless you!
    Merry Christmas
    The Gichias

  16. Vivian

    I have written worship songs and hope to work on my single in this new year.
    We believe with the help of God and our hardwork ,we will get to where you are one day.Any advice on marriage, ministry, business especially starting a new business and Entrepreneurship , family and social life will be much appreciated. considering where God is taken you and still taking you.We do aspire to meet you in person and to work with you one day who knows what God can do!
    We live in Australia but i come from Ghana and my husband is from Kenya
    Your response will be very much appreciated!!!

  17. Octavia

    counting my blessings too!
    thanks for sharing your rich experiences

    Your answers:-
    Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi

  18. Shekainah moley

    Shalom brother Strive. God bless you for inspirational teaching. Am aspiring to start a business in housing the homeless not only for income but as well as giving warmth and comfort to humanity. Pls keep in your prayer

  19. Lombe Ng'andu

    Count your blessings name them one by one… You are one of my blessings sir, a true life n business coach… Concerning the books you recommend, I have given myself a task to devour all of them by end of February- 1 book per day .(as many as I can find atleast).
    I will give a report when I am done… No task too big… Thank you again for your time and knowledge shared.
    Prosperous 2017…

  20. Archie MZ

    That is so encouraging sir, as for me 2016 waant the best for me as a complainer and a loser but it was a year i grew up, learnt and got wiser as a victor, winner, conqueror, Christian…

    I have understood, there are never bad times

  21. Richard Mubiru

    Dear Mr. Strive Masiwa,
    I am Richard Mubiru from Uganda. I have heard that you bought a broadcasting housing in Uganda, when are you launching Kwese TV in Uganda?
    Secondly, we would like to invite you to be the guest speaker at our 7th National Competitiveness Forum, under the theme “Navigating the Tide to Economic Transformation” scheduled for March 2017.
    This is a perfect platform to let the audience in Uganda know about your plans. Please let me know if you of your availability then i will follow up with the formal processes.

  22. Anesha Jackson

    Hello Mr. Strive,

    Our Non-Profit organization has been attempting to reach out to you but no luck yet. Can you please reveal to us an efficient way to contact you? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

    Peace & Blessings

    Anesha Jackson


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