Why Kenya? – Investing in Kenya’s Renewable Energy

With his His Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group), Jacqueline Novogratz (founder and CEO, Acumen), Chris Anderson (curator, TED Conference) Dipender Saluja (Capricorn Investments), Steve Jurvetson (Draper Fisher Jurvetson), Jean Oelwang (CEO, Virgin Unite), Bob Collymore (Safaricom) and Zia Khan of the Rockefeller Foundation.

We explored how to make the most of Kenya’s abundant potential for green energy. The proposed renewables project would benefit the 50% Kenyans who are yet to access electricity. As Investors in this initiative we have chosen Kenya because the Government is ready to listen to ideas and help implement them. The project would cover Kenya and Rwanda, before being rolled out to other parts of the African continent. Both countries will serve as models.


6 thoughts on “Why Kenya? – Investing in Kenya’s Renewable Energy

  1. Kisorio

    Hi Strive,

    You impact in the tech world is recommendable.

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    IVORY is a Nairobi based social commerce start-up. Globally scalable patent pending commerce system will ensure competitive advantage in electronic payments, particularly, P2P, P2B, B2B B2C, branchless banking, instant micro-loan service, crowd funding and group purchase. the system will also ensure competitive advantage in brick and mortar commerce, e-commerce, payroll services, public transport services, event services, music streaming, movie streaming, social networking and targeted advertising. IVORY is the long awaited next big thing.

    I am seeking capital in exchange of equity to commercialize the product. I would like to email you executive summary if this investment opportunity interests you.


  2. Nodumo

    Dear Sir,

    I’m working with a Brazil based organization (website linked above) which is interested in translating content from your blog into Portuguese. We would like to email you and/or the blog administrators to explain further. May we have an email address that we can reach? Thank you.

  3. Micaiah Mathenge

    My role model and mentor, Strive Masiyiwa. My name is Micaiah Kabue, i would like to be part of this renewable energy venture. I’m a project and corporate finance expert with a UAE firm based in Kenya. I would be pleased to offer my services on this noble course.

    lets talk.

  4. Alexander John

    Environmental Sustainability Plan and Agricultural Development Action (ESPADA) is an upcoming organization with great projects for environmental sustainability and change strategy that aims at environmental regeneration, creation of employment opportunities and improving food security among others via the provision of alternative clean renewable energy sources, provision of modern hybridized farming methods and food preservation techniques by largely involving the community through active participation, practice and education.
    Kenya has enough resources to feed herself without strain or struggle, help her people improve their daily ppp from a mere 3$ per day to 8$ and above for quite reasonable number of citizen population and make more for other individuals in other regions/countries. Our people shouldn’t be starving, neither should our prices for standard food and other comodities be expensive to ordinary citizens. Kenya has the ability to produce more that can be shared with other nations with ease. We have all it takes, what we lack is a real plan and the will power to go further when it comes to “ACTION NOW”
    ESPADA has a great strategic plan that touches the following concepts among others:
    Renewable Biogas energy (community level),
    Liquefied Biogas energy,
    Biogas plants and Biogas production,
    Hydrogen energy,
    Hydrogen plants and hydrogen energy production ,
    Organic fertilizers,
    Organic farming,
    Youth empowerment,
    Women empowerment,
    Aquaponics and aquaponic farming,
    Animal husbandry (poultry, cattle, dairy, fish farming),
    Soil pollution control,
    Water pollution control,
    Reduction of global warming,
    Carbon conversion,
    Forests, forestry and forest management,
    Food security,
    Food preservation (heat treatment by use of Biogas and simple food drier and commercial practice)-both commercial and local,
    Plus, other activities that revolve around;
    Environmental Sustainability,
    Environmental purification,
    Global warming reduction,
    Carbon conversion,
    Renewable energy,
    Sustainable renewable energy,
    Sustainable organic farming,
    Sustainable food security and organic food production and preservation,
    Our dream is to set up conditions that will ensure people change their lifestyle through the use of cheaply available home resources to better themselves through agriculture as they solve big problems facing humanity and our home earth. ESPADA’s big mind is a plan that sets a system that will offer resources for future demands of her progress and developments, improve life of the local individual, benefit individuals in unstable environments within and without our country, boost environmental stability, agriculture and more through community involvement.
    We are in need of potential investors who can give us the financial support we need to enablebus start off and deploy our strategic plan so that we can give the Kenyan people (and those interested) a chance to drive and build their economy through agriculture as they change their country and financial status for the better of our future and generations. Everything is possible with great minds.

    For more information, do contact via espadajohnandabdalla@gmail.com or alexinojohn9@gmail.com


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