A recent transformation of operations at Econet has given birth to the Enterprise Department, division specifically focused on providing data and Information Technology (It) solutions to local businesses.

General Manager: Enterprise, Lebohang Ramaisa says customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the department. The restructuring has narrowed the department’s mandate to servicing business clients. “Our mission is to use our diverse technological infrastructure to help Basotho businesses function better and smarter,” Ramaisa explains. He adds that apart from enterprises the department also looks after high value clients.

Ramaisa notes that because Econet has the biggest fibre network, a legacy of the fixed network, it is able to develop and offer businesses fixed broadband services that “guarantee speed, reliability and efficiency”. He says Econet has remained attuned to the fact that most of its clients deal in highly sensitive information whose integrity has to be safeguarded at all costs. “We have virtual and point to point networks designed for reliable and secure communication.” “Our fibre, 3G and 4G networks help businesses communicate with their customers, stakeholders and employees”.

Econet has 3G and 4G networks in all major urban areas. The majority of the suburbs in Maseru are now connected to fibre and Ramaisa says the expansion continues. It is that strong and wide network that has helped his department keep local businesses satisfied. “Beyond providing data we also offer fully convergent IT solutions. This is done through our diverse range of infrastructure.”

Explaining the transformation that led to the creation of the department Ramaisa says: “Econet has continued to evolve in order to position itself to meet the needs and demands of customers who now have huge expectations”. “We are aligning ourselves with the global trends where customers are becoming more and more aware of the quality of service they expect. They want a fast, efficient and reliable network. We have structured ourselves to meet that new demand.”

Ramaisa says because of the restructuring, the Enterprise Department “now has total control of a deal from pitching a product to servicing the client”. He points to several things the department is now doing differently as a result of the reorganisation.

The first is inculcating a culture of flexibility and care for the client. The second is a clear strategy to build strong relationships with the clients. This, Ramaisa notes, has helped the department and the company to understand the client better and to meet their specific needs. Out of that close interaction with clients the department has designed customised products and services.

“We understand that clients are different and their needs diverse. We are addressing the specific needs of each client across the market segments.”

For households Econet is rolling out fibre as part of its Fibre To The Home (FTTH). “We have learned that the market is hungry for internet speed. That is something we are bringing by expediting the fibre roll out,” Ramaisa says. He says for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the department is designing a bundle that will include IT, landline and mobile solutions. “This is possible because of our diverse technological solutions and convergence”.


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