Econet Wireless is a private group.

If you wish to make an investment, you may purchase shares in our subsidiary's Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe, which are both listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Investor Relations

Three Reasons to Consider Investing in Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe:

1. The Industry Market Leader
Market leader across all product segments: 84% revenue market share; 78% voice tariff market share; 65% data traffic market share; 97% EcoCash subscriber market share; 68% LTE network infrastructure market share

2. Resilient Business Model
Our businesses are delivering value to customers across different and diversified industries:- Telecommunications and Technology 

3. Continued Value Creation
Sustaining shareholder value under difficult economic conditions: US$23bln EcoCash transactions since launch; US$134mln dividend paid since 2009; US$1.2bln infrastructure investment; US$1.3bln paid to Government since 2009; +60,000 jobs created directly and indirectly.

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